Thank you for your interest in ministry with patients, their family members, and clinical staff. CPE students will have opportunity to work and learn alongside professional chaplains in the delivery of pastoral care. Click the download link to the right to access an application for Kettering Health’s CPE program.
A tip sheet and style guide is available to download. Please follow these guidelines as your prepare your application material.
Completed application packets can be emailed to The $50 application fee made payable to “Kettering Health” can be mailed to Kettering Health CPE Center, 3535 Southern Blvd., Kettering, OH 45429. After we have received your complete application packet and fee, we will contact you to schedule an admissions interview.

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    Thank you for considering Kettering Health for your Clinical Pastoral Education experience. We offer CPE on two of our campuses in the Greater Dayton, Ohio area. They are Kettering Health Main Campus and Kettering Health Dayton.

    The CPE application process requires several written essays. On this page, we offer a few helpful tips and suggestions for completing the ACPE application form. We hope you find this to be useful. These tips should be used in conjunction with the instructions on the application form.

    Style Guidelines:

    1. Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font
    2. 1” Margins
    3. Single-space pages
    4. Please number the pages
    5. Clearly identify yourself at the top of the initial page.
    6. For students applying for their first unit of CPE, an application should be about 8-10 pages in total length for all required written essays.
    7. For students applying for additional units, or the residency, your application will be longer and should reflect the level of reflection developed in your previous unit(s) of CPE.
    8. For students applying for additional units, or the residency, individual essays should be a minimum of 3 pages each, but not more than 5 pages.
    • For Essay 1 “Reasonably Full Account of Your Life” and Essay 2 “Spiritual Growth” tell  us your story and include important events and people in both facets of your life.
    Additionally, reflect on how these events and relationships have formed you into the unique person and pastoral care provider that you are.
    • For Essay 4 “Helping Incident” tell us a story about a time that you provided emotional and/or spiritual support to someone.

    9. If you have already had CPE, please use a recent verbatim as your helping
    incident and add a couple of paragraphs reflecting what you learned about
    yourself and your ministry
    • The application packet is complete when we have received the application sheet, all required essays, and the $25.00 application fee. Once we have this, we will review your application and schedule an admissions interview if you meet the criteria.
    • Application fees can be paid by check or money order made payable to: Kettering Health Network

    Click the image to download the brochure